EP Review: ‘The Pale’ – William Control


A couple of years have passed since the last time we received any new musical offerings from the king of all things dark and sadistic, but William Control’s just-released EP The Pale certainly lives up to our high expectations. This four track companion to our iniquity is the first in a series of four EPs (Pale, Black, Red and White) known collectively as ‘Revelations’, which continue the narrative laid down in his previous releases.

Fans will be pleased to hear that the record most definitely has the William Control sound to it, like an 80s synth-fest crashed into a darkwave sex dungeon. Opening track The Monster is a passion filled injection of adrenaline to the veins which is bound to captivate listeners, with a chorus which defies even the most resistant of scream-along-ers. This creates a pleasing contrast with next track Confess, a song with a more sensual feel to it and a hypnotic rhythm to the chorus. When The Love Is Pain has the token few seconds of moaning women in the background which no Control record is complete without. It’s the song most reminiscent of his earlier work, even including a few familiar tune elements and lyrics (he’s definitely been trying to get us to “dance with me” since 2010 and the addition of “forever” on the end gives it a noticeably similar tune to Adore’s “fall in love forever”) but he pulls this off surprisingly well, managing to give the song something of a nostalgic-yet-modern feel. Our grand finale, Mother Superior, is not the most instantly attention-grabbing song of the EP, but succeeds in being the most impassioned and emotive, the one you can feel pulling at your blackened heartstrings and soothing your soul as you sing along.

After listening to this impressive first instalment of ‘Revelations’ we’re eager to hear what the next three EPs will bring. For now, if you want to purchase The Pale it is available to download on itunes or as a physical copy on controlmerch.com.

Score: 8/10

Listen to: Mother Superior


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