EP Review: Lay Your Ghost – ‘A Darker Love’


Our first musical offering from Lay Your Ghost, the synthpop solo-project of Axel Otero / Axel Ghosts, is one we’ve been more than happy to have occupying our eardrums since it was released. Debut EP A Darker Love mixes the darkwave synthy vibes of artists such as William Control – whose record label Lay Your Ghost has incidentally just signed to – with the commanding vocals and sensual feel of artists such as Marylin Manson. Consisting of five tracks in total, it is just long enough to satisfy us for now.

From the very first song, also entitled A Darker Love, the EP feels like something intended to gradually entice the listener. It’s not so much the lightning bolt in the sky which forces your attention skyward, but the subtle gust of wind brushing past your face which you feel the effects of increasingly as time goes by. The intros to the songs tend to share the gradual effect; Death of Me best exemplifies this with its anticipation-building opening, creating the sensation that we’re on the edge of some exhilarating new experience. This leads into a song soaked with sensual energy, one which is best listened to through earphones to get the full up-close feel. The more emotional quality and automated drum beat of Das Ende couple together to make it the catchiest song of the record, but Holy Ghost is certainly the most intense. It’s the only track to have slightly more powerful vocals during the bridge and the chorus, but it doesn’t lose the laid back feel of the record. This powerful-sensual sound gives it an almost religious feel. Final song The Flame has the most full-sounding synths of the EP, which seem to have been building throughout. It continues the mesmerising feel of the whole record and feels like an accumulation of all the sounds within, leaving listeners engrossed and eager to hear it all over again. A Darker Love has been released exclusively through Bandcamp, and is available to listen to and buy now.

Score: 7/10

Listen to: The Flame


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