London J-Rock Band Esprit D’Air Release Stunning Comeback Single ‘Rebirth’


London based Japanese alt-rock outfit Esprit D’Air only recently reformed after a three year hiatus, but they are already stunning our eardrums with appropriately-named comeback single ‘Rebirth’. Guitarist Kai has now taken over the role of lead vocalist, a job for which he seems to have been destined. Their sound combines aggression and soul-destroying breakdowns with ethereal melodies, making their music an immersive experience. Considering the fact that the band have a strong DIY ethic and produce everything themselves, they are even more worthy of our praise!

When asked to tell us a little more about the new single, Kai explains:

“The song ‘Rebirth’ tells the story of a man who finds his voice and sings under the stars, this leads to him becoming the saviour of his town as his voice inspires and refreshes everyone who hears it. The video reflects this. The first and second lines allude to the beautiful view of audiences from the stage (“Aoku yureta hoshi wo matoi” – In blurred lights of the blue stars). The middle bridge implies his bright future, and how he’s moving forward towards it.

As Esprit D’Air have just reformed after three years, we feel this is our ‘Rebirth'”

This is certainly one of those songs where knowledge of the language is not required to be able to appreciate and understand its message, the mere sound is enough. If Esprit D’Air are capable of providing us with this as their first offering after three years off, we cannot wait to see what they’ve got lined up next!

Check out the music video for ‘Rebirth’ below. If you like what you hear, Esprit D’Air will also be headlining the O2 Academy in Islington on March 31st.

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