EP Review: Adam Kills Eve – ‘Of Time’


Alt-rock quintet Adam Kills Eve, hailing from Italy, have a strong foundation of ten years experience in the music industry of their own country, and are set to break into the UK in the near future with their first six tour dates in the country planned this month. They will be showing off the material from their recently released EP Of Time. This EP boasts six full songs, as well a short intro track and an interlude, coming in at around 22 minutes in length. Incorporating a range of styles; from serene, near-mesmerizing melodies, to upbeat pop-rock, right the way to harsh, ferocious growls and more in-between; the record should appeal to fans of bands such as Thirty Seconds To Mars, Young Guns and Hands Like Houses.

From the very first track the EP has something of a reminiscent, melancholy, yet intense tone to it. Like wandering through the halls of a haunted house, where every doorway opened leads to new memories – of sorrow, regret, anger – all melding together to engulf us in their atmosphere. Lead single Authenti(city) showcases their mixture of styles; a melodic rock track with occasional harsher vocals interjected, it feels like something which could have wide appeal. The Snowglobe Forecast stands out with its passionate, almost anthemic chorus in a Young Guns-esque style. Full lung capacity is absolutely required to sing along. This is in contrast to the angrier Tomorrow is DOA, bringing a harsher sound full of piercing emotion. Final song On The Inside, Breaking Out has a rousing feel, one which stays with you once the record is over. The entire EP comes across as very well put-together, like a lot of time and effort have been invested into it, and this certainly pays off. It never becomes boring or repetitive, and leaves us satisfied.

Check out the single Authenti(city) from the EP below. Adam Kills Eve will be touring the UK from 24th to 29th of this month.

Score: 8/10

Listen to: The Snowglobe Forecast


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