Griever Release New Music Video ‘Welcome To Hell’

Bournemouth metalcore goths Griever have just released their first single of 2017, a previously unheard song entitled ‘Welcome To Hell’. This comes almost a year after the release of their most recent EP ‘Soul Searcher’. The new single had not been widely publicised by the band prior to its release, but is making its presence felt now.

The track contains all of Griever’s usual bellowing vocals, heavy riffs and breakdowns, as well as particularly meaningful lyrics. Ever keen to improve the quality of their sound, a lot of work has clearly gone into the production. The clean vocals especially sound fuller than before, giving them an added sense of drama and dominance to create a chorus which is passionate and instantly memorable. The music video features the band in their usual macabre get-up, flanked behind by pyro. The flames exaggerate every gruesome expression and striking movement, creating an extra level of atmosphere.

This is presumably a sign of a new release to come in the not-too-distant future. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes open for that!

Check out the video below. The single is available to buy on iTunes and Google Play.


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