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Gig Review: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship / On Hollow Ground / Far From History / Beyond Recall – London, 17/06/2016

Tonight is the first date of Cabin Boy Jumped Ship’s ‘Pathways’ tour, beginning at Underworld in Camden, London. This accompanies the recent release of the EP of the same name earlier this month, which has received a positive response from fans.

Opening the night are Bristol band Beyond Recall, an alternative nu-metal group full of energy and enthusiasm. Their mixture of rapping and catchy choruses upon a heavy background easily grabs the attention of the crowd. Despite being the opening band they are not afraid to go all out, with lead singer Zaid leaping off stage into the crowd to sing, dance, and play a blow up guitar. Most of the tracks performed are their own, but they also throw in a cover of Flo Rida’s Low. They seem like a band who are passionate about their music but still like to have fun and enjoy themselves on stage. These fun vibes rub off on the crowd – one of whom hands Zaid a flower garland which he eagerly wears around his neck – and see the room liven up.

Following this are metalcore band Far From History from Herts and Essex. This is a group who seem confident on stage, bringing with them lots of stage presence and visible passion in their performance. They are energetic, moving around the room constantly, jumping up and looming over the crowd, dramatically falling to the ground. Songs such as Blinded and Dreamcatcher receive a positive reception from the audience, and their overall performance serves as another good warm up for the main acts, livening the room up further.

Main support On Hollow Ground are joining CBJS for the whole run of shows on this tour. They have a technical metalcore style which goes down well, and their performance is definitely added to by some impressive use of strobed lighting which – especially when accompanying them headbanging in unison – makes for a more visually appealing and striking performance. They perform older and newer tracks, including Substance and Long Gone. Upcoming track No Imperfections is given an outing, with a special guest appearance from Conor Peek of CBJS. They also cover Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff, jokingly assuring everyone that they’ll therefore like at least one song of the set. The only small issue is that the clean vocals can occasionally sound a little shouty, as if straining to be heard, but the performance is still impressive. They have surely gained a number of new fans tonight.

After a few changes on stage, such as bringing on their own banners to really make it feel like their own, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship make their appearance. Their stage outfits and painted faces give them both a sense of unity and an appealing dark presence which goes well with their electronicore style music. The crowd are clearly excited from the moment they enter the stage, screaming along to both old and new tracks. Recent singles Replace The Hate and The New World Order go down well, along with Waste Away also from the most recent EP. Older tracks such as Eyes Wide and Sleep Deprived also cause a lot of excitement though, and it is obvious there are some dedicated fans here.

The only unfortunate downside to their performance is an overuse of backing track. It is expected to be used during intros, interludes, and the background to songs, but it quickly becomes obvious that even main vocal lines are played on backing track rather than completely live. The actual clean singing is barely audible through the microphones, something which must be improved upon in future to give fans the full live show feeling. Despite this, it still sounds good overall, and what was being played live was done well. The intensity and animation in their performance make for a good show, and they manage to get the crowd moving and moshing. As they end the night there comes a chant for “one more song”, a request which they carry out, seeming to leave the crowd ultimately satisfied.


Words: Gabriella Williams

Photographs: Sarah Mckellar


Image Gallery: Octopus, Years Young, The Ultraviolet, Wake Up In Vegas – O’Rileys, Hull, 26/05/2016

Photographs of Octopus headlining at O’Rileys in Hull, supported by Years Young, The Ultraviolet and Wake Up In Vegas on 26/05/2016.



Years Young


The Ultraviolet


Wake Up In Vegas

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