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Top Tracks – April 2016

Here is our 10 top tracks that we discovered last month, in no particular order. Lots of variety, check them all out!

1. Griever – A Pure Heart

2. Cleanse the Hive – From the Depths

3. One Last Run – Unbreakable

4. Forever in Depths – Darkness

5. Iodine Sky – So Far Away

6. Vexxes – Everything I’ve Ever Known

7. Summer City – I’m a Wreck

8. Deadset Dream – Hallways

9. Love|Less – Misery (Acoustic)

10. Nothing But Thieves – Excuse Me


Top Tracks – March 2016

As last month’s ‘Top Tracks’ post seemed to be popular, we are making it a regular thing. So here is our list, in no particular order, of the top ten songs we have discovered and/or been obsessively listening to this month. Most were released within this month, two are a few months old but too good not to include now we’ve found them!

1. Ashestoangels – Not In My Name

2. Of Allies – Old Bones

3. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – Replace The Hate

4. Cold Summer – Bear Eats Wolf

5. Deadset Dream – Here Not Home

6. Chasing Dragons – Devil In Her Eyes

7. TrueHeights – Stay

8. Years Young – Paper Mountains

9. Saint[the]Sinner – She’s A Vampire

10. Cardinal Bay – Answers

Top Tracks – February 2016

It’s officially a month since Rated Noise published its first review! To celebrate the mini milestone here is our seven favourite songs that we’ve discovered this past month (in no particular order) which we highly recommend checking out:
1. Blood Youth – ‘Closure’
2. Ashestoangels – ‘Bound and Broken’
(Not officially released yet so check out ‘Find Hell’ released in January)
3. The Ultraviolet – ‘Wake Up Dead’
4. The Dead XIII – ‘The Greatest Mistake’
5. Good Charlotte – ‘Makeshift Love’
6. City Of Ashes – ‘Battles of my Youth’
7. Dream State – ‘Rebuild, Recreate’
(This was literally discovered today but it’s definitely worthy of including!)
Listen. Enjoy. More reviews coming soon!